Sven Paaß

Administrator • Programmer • Scuba Diver

Hey, nice that you are here.

You probably wonder, why does this blog exist?

As a person fascinated by old and new technology, curiosity drives me to understand how technology works. Here you will find topics that have either helped me with my work, or topics that I am interested in private.

In my professional life I have worked for many years as an administrator and consultant. That was a lot of fun because I got to know a lot through working for big companies. Therefore, apart from Windows, macOS and Unix systems, IT areas such as storage and networks are no new territory for me. However, a few years ago, I wanted to learn something new and no longer travel professionally. That's why I worked for a large German insurance company and looked after JIRA, an application for planning and optimizing tasks.

I was able to develop my skills as a developer. Since April 1, 2018 I work again with my former employer, the Decadis AG in Koblenz. Among other things, I participate in the further development of an employee incentive program.

I am certainly not the top notch programmer, but I would like to let you participate in what I have learned or worked on so far. This is because I like to teach what I was able to learn by myself. And if it helps you make your job easier, than it's a worthwhile goal for me.

In return, but also wants to learn from you, so let us stay in touch.

In addition to the technical topics, I will share the beauty of nature with you from time to time. Because in my free time I like to go underwater and photograph the miracles that have been captivating me since 2012 ...